40 Years Old And I’ve Never Heard Rumours

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Everyone has heard Rumours haven’t they?

I saw something last night I’d never seen before — the film Titanic. I enjoyed it. It was one of those films I sort of felt like I had seen before but I actually hadn’t, only the famous snippets. The same probably goes for films like Sound of Music and The Matrix.

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Surely everyone has seen these three films?

I remember my Dad used to watch a film on TV and at the end declare “I think I’ve seen that before.” I could never understand how it was possible to forget if you had seen a film before, especially during watching it a second time. But now I realise! Films like the three above are so ubiquitous in our consciousness that you feel like you’ve seen them even if you haven’t.

Then I got one of those random facebook invites to an event celebrating 40 years of the album “Rumours” which was released on 4th February 1977. Of course its one of those albums that many households have at least one of, if not two copies (as both partners had one when they got together).

I realised I not only didn’t have a single copy, I hadn’t even heard it in its entirety. But I feel like I have due to the famous samples one hears quite often (like The Chain and Go Your Own Way) — even if people were unaware of the artist they would probably be familiar with these tracks. I don’t actually feel the need to hear it any time soon but am prepared to be pleasantly surprised when I finally do. Like Titanic was though, it’s not on my immediate radar as I feel it will always be there, I already have a strong flavour of it, and I’ve got plenty of time to hear it in the future.

What other very famous albums are out there that I’ve never actually heard? Or what would be on the list of those standard albums that every household has? I am of course speaking from the perspective of someone who grew up with albums in the 70s and 80s and the fame of an album like Rumours will mean a lot less to the younger generation and such a list’s relevance will fade as my generation ages.

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A typical middle England record collection?

I actually only have 4 of these.

There used to be BBC radio programme hosted by Marcus Brigstocke called I’ve Never Seen Star Wars where they get celebs to do or try (usually common or famous) things they’ve never experienced before and mark them out of 10. This usually includes a famous album or book but I remember they found it hard to do this for guest Suggs from Madness as he was so incredibly well read they couldn’t find anything he hadn’t read already!

By the way I’d give Titanic a pleasantly surprising 8 out of 10.

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