I had a Saturday job at a town caf called Macaris. We were just a bunch of sixth form school kids who knew nothing, just there to earn a few quid and gain some useful job experience at the weekends, either practically or for the CV, who knows, in those…

My recent listening to the likes of Opeth, and Eloy in particular, plus a spin of Atom Heart Mother last week, has led me back to some more Pink Floyd this week.

Wish You Were Here was my favourite album of theirs when I was younger (in fact, my favourite…

From nothing to nothing is no time at all.

John Steinbeck

Midnight was still some way off and the party was dragging, so I had the idea to turn the clock forward. As The Monster Raving Loony Party had realised in their proposal to decimalise time (thereby ingeniously banishing the…

Terry Riley is a keyboard player from a Californian town near San Francisco. That’s a very brief summary. To expand a little for those of us not familiar with the music of Riley we can add the following touch points:

organ, delay, experimental, minimalist, glass, reich, rainbow in curved air…

Come on Sabbath lovers. Never Say Die!, Ozzy Osbourne’s final album with Black Sabbath (before the 2013 reunion) is actually a cracking good album! …

A big fan of both Cluster and Harmonia (the latter a short lived “supergroup” being the Cluster duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius plus Neu! guitarist Michael Rother) Brian Eno collaborated with both groups in the mid ‘70s, co-recording 3 albums.

Tracks and Traces was actually the first recorded…

Eddy continues his bid to name-check every band under the sun this week with 4 brand new artists and 2 making only a second appearance:

Edgar Froese Epsilon In Malaysian Pale
Nucleus Plastic Rock
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate Out Of Mind
Soft Hair Soft Hair
Nils Frahm All Melody
Burial Untrue

Eddy Bamyasi

Musings on Music from 6 Album Sunday

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